Atkin Guitars & Dijkmans Muziek!

Atkin Guitars & Dijkmans Music!

Dec 14, 2019Dijkmans Muziek

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Atkin Guitars now available at Dijkmans Music!

We close 2019 with a bang: from now on Dijkmans Muziek is a dealer of the great brand Atkin. This fulfills a long-cherished wish, and we think that Atkin Guitars fits perfectly in our acoustic range together with Lowden, Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Lakewood and Guild, among others. The first models trickle into the store in December. So come by quickly to try out the beautiful guitars of this British brand. Who knows, your dream guitar might be among them!


Atkin OO37 Dijkmans Music

Started small, grew big

Atkin Guitars was founded in 1995 in Canterbury, England. The company grew from a one man operation to one of the leading acoustic luthiers in the UK - and the rest of the world! The company builds about 350 guitars a year in Canterbury. And best of all? They still do everything according to traditional construction methods, where the bulk of the construction process is done by hand. This way you can be sure that an Atkin guitar has received the full attention of the builder, and that every guitar is unique and self-contained. Atkin mainly produces guitars in the Pre-War American spirit, faithfully recreating their take on legendary Martin and Gibson models. For example, the Forty Three and LG47 are beautiful Slope Shoulder instruments that feel vintage and played in, and fans of old Martin guitars can indulge themselves with the Essential D and the OO37, among others. We are so happy with Atkin!

Atkin Guitars Santos Rosewood bridge

Atkin strives for perfection, but slightly different

Atkin guitars are the result of constant dedication to building the best instrument possible. But with its own definition of "perfect". Where other boutique luthiers seem obsessed with releasing guitars that end up in the store as flawless as possible, Atkin's goal is to create an instrument with more feel, more personality and more 'mojo'. The ultimate goal is that the musician who plays an Atkin is immediately inspired, just like an old guitar would be.

Atkin Forty Three Body

Guitars with a 'Pre-War' spirit

At Atkin, they are extremely passionate about the history and evolution of the acoustic guitar. Both the classic pre-war models that every guitar enthusiast dreams of, as well as the great innovations that have brought the acoustic guitar to where it is today. Over the years, the company has worked on virtually every model from Gibson and Martin, among others, from the golden, pre-war era. They know these guitars inside and out and you can feel and see that immediately in the Atkin guitars. As if they walked straight out of a history book. How beautiful!

Atkin OO37 Herringbone

Uncompromising traditional manual labor mixed with modern innovation: that is Atkin

All Atkin guitars are hand built in the Cambridge workshop. The builders adhere to traditional and proven construction methods in the construction process. At the same time, the company does not shy away from new technology if it means that a certain process can be done better and more accurately. For example, the frets are assembled and finished by hand, but the luthiers at Atkin use precise computer-controlled routing to cut the fret slots. The tops and bracings of the guitars are also baked, in order to lower the moisture level and to ensure the stability of the wood, regardless of the circumstances in which the guitar finds itself. This also makes the guitar sound older than it actually is. Going back to the tradition of guitar building, all Atkin guitars are finished in a nitrocellulose finish, which the builders believe produces the most natural sound because the wood can breathe freely. And of course it looks fantastic, especially with aging!

Atkin Essential D

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