Benson Amps x Dijkmans Muziek

Benson Amps x Dijkmans Music

Jun 16, 2021Dijkmans Muziek

Now available at Dijkmans Muziek: the amplifiers from Benson Amps

We are very proud and excited to announce that we are an official Benson Amps dealer from July 2021! These crazy amps are built in the United States (in Portland to be specific). The brand focuses entirely on hand-building high-quality amplifiers that give you a completely unique sound that can act as your personal canvas. The circuits that Christopher Benson and his team make are original, but do make use of the more than 70 years of amplifier history that is now available. Based on this knowledge, the components are carefully selected so that the very best quality and tone are guaranteed. What sets Benson amplifiers apart in particular is their incredibly rich, grand and tasteful clean tone with an enormous dynamic range. The sound is therefore full of musical overtones and through your touch you can end up in a very fine compression or even overdrive.

Vincent 30 Head €3599 + 2x12 Cab €1499 in Night Moves + Wheat Grill
Nathan Jr Combo in Aunt Gertie € 2299,-
Vinny Reverb Combo in Black Tolex € 2299,-
Monarch Reverb Combo in Night Moves + Wheat Grill € 3799,-
Monarch Head €3599 + 112 Cab €1099 in Green Tolex with Checkered Grill

Benson Amps Dijkmans

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