Mayones Aquila announced!

Mayones Aquila announced!

Nov 20, 2019Dijkmans Muziek

First new Mayones model since the Hydra!


Great news! One of our favorite brands - Mayones - announced a brand new model this week: the Aquila. Where Mayones has been known for years for their high-quality high gain guitars such as the Duvell, Regius and Setius, owner David Dziewulski thought the time was right to bring a versatile, all-round guitar to the market with Mayones. Where his focus was normally on building the very best, tightest and toughest rip irons, the Aquila will appeal to other guitarists who are looking for sparkling clean sounds and more "classic" overdriven tones, without compromising on versatility.

The Mayones Aquila is available in two versions

As befits Mayones, there is also plenty to choose from with the Aquila for the customer. This guitar is available in two configurations, namely:

  • Mayones Aquila FM 6 (Flamed Maple Top)
  • Mayones Aquila QM 6 (Quilted Maple top)

Let's start with the Aquila FM 6 , the more traditionally oriented Aquila of the two. First of all we see a beautiful 4A (!) Flamed Maple top which, together with the mahogany body, forms a beautiful whole, both in terms of looks and tonally. The neck and fingerboard are made of so-called TEW - short for Tonally Enhanced Wood - maple, namely Hard Rock Maple for the neck and a beautiful piece of Birdseye Maple for the fingerboard. To lick your fingers! With its 24 frets and 25.4" scale, we can safely say that this is not just a Strat style guitar, but that Mayones really give it their own twist. In terms of elements, the Aquila FM 6 has chosen a Lollar Imperial Low humbucker and two Lollar Blackface single-coils. Other pickup configurations are available on request. High-quality Gotoh hardware completes the package.

Mayones Aquila FM 6 Front and Back

For the guitarist who can't go crazy and fancy enough, there is also the Aquila QM 6 , with a 4A Quilted Maple top. The QM has not opted for a mahogany body, but for a TEW Profiled Swamp Ash, which of course provides a completely unique experience. This version will bite just a little more in the highs. The neck and fingerboard are also different from the FM version because the Aquila QM 6 has a beautiful Wenge neck and Ebony fingerboard. As a result, the QM version will feel a little more familiar to the seasoned Mayones fan. The scale length, frets and pickup configuration are otherwise identical.

Mayones Aquila QM 6 Front and Back

An all-rounder, with the Mayones DNA

Where the Aquila is a step in a different direction compared to the other models of this Polish builder, you can still feel the Mayones DNA in this S-style guitar. For example, the Aquila models are of course also handmade in Poland, using only the very best tone wood. Because 4A Maple is chosen, every version will have an amazing top, and thanks to the Gotoh locking tuners and bridge, the Aquila is also a super stable guitar. It's a nice next step for Mayones, now that it will also appeal to guitarists from other genres. Anyway, we can't wait!

Mayones Aquila QM 6 Infinity Blue

Pre-Order your Mayones Aquila now at Dijkmans Muziek!

When we saw this announcement, we immediately ordered a large number of Aquilas. The very first Aquila QM 6 will arrive in our store in February 2020 , and will be executed in a beautiful Infinity Blue finish (see photo) the first FM 6 - 2-Tone Sunburst version - we expect in June 2020. Contact us to be the first!

Pre-Order the Mayones Aquila QM 6 Infinity Blue!

Pre-Order the Mayones Aquila FM 6 2-Tone Sunburst

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