PRS Guitars 35th Anniversary: 2020 Line-Up!

PRS Guitars 35th Anniversary: ​​2020 Line Up!

Oct 23, 2019Dijkmans Muziek

PRS Guitars 35th Anniversary Custom 24

Paul Reed Smith: Pioneering for 35 years

In 1985 Paul Reed Smith unsuspectingly started building his own guitar brand together with a small group of employees. It was packed with ideas, innovation and respect for the past. Through trial and error, they embarked on a wonderful journey together, in which they made the most beautiful discoveries in the field of building machines, finding the best pieces of wood and the most efficient construction methods. It soon became clear that Paul Reed Smith was a man with a plan, yet no one could have dreamed that he, and his company, would have such a big impact on the guitar market. And here we are, almost 35 years later. The company is now part of the traditional "Big Three" along with Fender and Gibson. Everyone knows PRS Guitars! But while the company's size and success have changed dramatically, PRS' core values ​​remain the same: listening to the musicians, learning from the past and adapting the guitars to today's demand. With the goal at all times to produce the very best guitars. Dijkmans Music has now grown along with Paul Reed Smith and we are proud of the fact that we have the largest PRS collection in the Benelux. We are therefore very pleased that this beautiful brand will celebrate its 35th anniversary in a grand way. 2020 therefore marks the 35th anniversary of PRS and the company is therefore launching a number of beautiful Custom 24 35th Anniversary models, updates to the existing pickups and a new paint. Read more below...

PRS Guitars 35th Anniversary Custom 24 Violet Purple Burst

35th Anniversary Custom 24 guitars

Finally, Paul Reed Smith is launching no less than three Custom 24 35th Anniversary models, in the Core, SE and S2 line. Striking details are the Private Stock Eagle on the headstock of the Core Custom 24 and the TCI Tuned 85/15 pickups with True Split Coil functionality for both pickups. A similar layout as the 24-08, but this Custom 24 promises an even more natural single-coil sound. The S2 has the same kind of layout with low mass locking tuners, and finally there will also be a limited SE 35th Anniversary. This guitar is equipped with the new TCI "S" pickups which can also be found in the SE Paul's Guitar. In addition, the SE Custom 24 is inlaid with beautiful old school Abalone birds.

Private Stock Eagle 35th Anniversary

Updates for the PRS Core models in 2020

Paul Reed Smith's Core line will receive some cool upgrades for 2020. First of all, all existing pickups will be overhauled, and they will receive the so-called TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treatment. This way of fine tuning pickups originated during the design process of the Silver Sky, in collaboration with John Mayer. Both Paul Reed Smith and John Mayer were obsessed with recreating the Stratocaster single coils from the '63 to '65 as accurately as possible, with the exact balance between highs and lows. Thanks to the TCI treatment, the pickups are now even better tuned to the guitar for optimal performance and simply the purest guitar sound from PRS to date. In addition, all Core models from 2020 with a Nitro over Cellulose finish. This new finish formula is derived from the Private Stock finish formula, and therefore promises to have a very chic feel and appearance. Great!

PRS Guitars 35th Anniversary Custom 24 Faded Whale Blue

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