PRS Guitars Custom 24 & 22

PRS Guitars Custom 24 & 22

Oct 31, 2020Dijkmans Muziek

PRS Guitars Custom 24 & 22 Collection

The PRS Guitars Custom model: the epitome of modern guitar history.

In 1985 Paul Reed Smith unsuspectingly started building his own guitar brand together with a small group of employees. It was packed with ideas, innovation and respect for the past. Through trial and error, they jointly took on the challenge of taking guitar building to the next level, and the PRS Guitars Custom model was the first result of this. To this day, the PRS Custom 24 is Paul Reed Smith's most popular model. At Dijkmans Music you will find the largest collection of PRS guitars in the Benelux, so if you are looking for a Custom 24 or 22 you have come to the right place!

PRS Custom 24 Gray Black

Paul Reed Smith's legendary Custom model with 24 or 22 frets.

The guitar that started it all for Paul Reed Smith is the Custom 24. This model has evolved a lot over the years, but the core remains the same: 24 frets, two humbuckers and split coil options, all wrapped in a reliable and stable guitar made from the very best tonewoods. New for 2020: the TCI tuned 85/15 pickups and the nitro over cellulose (CAB) finish. Thanks to the 25" scale and slim neck, this model from PRS Guitars is right in between the Fender and Gibson feel. The sound of the Custom models can best be described as tight, clear and very defined. In terms of looks, these guitars are always absolute beauties through the use of beautiful finishes (stains) and special maple (maple) tops. of course an absolute beauty. In addition, the top is also strikingly detailed with a beautiful drawing. In addition to the immensely popular 24 fret variant, PRS Guitars also offers an option for enthusiasts of 22 fret guitars in the form of the Custom 22. The base of the guitar is almost the same as the Custom 24, but due to the lack of the last two frets, the pickup placement is slightly different from its brother. neck pickup a bit thicker tone.Including case.

PRS Custom 22 Orange Tiger

Celebrate 35 years of PRS Guitars with the Anniversary model. This Custom is the next evolution!

Paul Reed Smith Guitars has been around for 35 years in 2020, and the company - despite the COVID crisis - will of course not let that pass by! Among other things, a beautiful 35th Anniversary Custom 24 is being marketed, and we have already received quite a few of them. The eye-catching features are the TCI-tuned 85/15 elements that can both be switched - separately from each other - to True single coil thanks to two toggle switches. This gives the Custom 24 the same versatility and functionality as the Paul's Guitar. In addition, the new 2020 models are all finished in a Nitro finish, for an even better breathability and feel of the instrument. As icing on the cake we find the Private Stock Eagle on the headstock of the guitar. A unique feature that gives this guitar a unique place in PRS history.

PRS 35th Anniversary Custom 24 Aquamarine 10-Top

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