Acus OneForStrings 5TC Wood


High-quality 75-watt acoustic guitar amplifier from Italian soil. Light in weight, great in sound!

Acus is a relative newcomer to amplifier land, but has quickly made a name for itself with its beautiful amplifiers. The OneForStrings 5T is, as the name implies, developed to amplify acoustic string instruments. The 5T is also a Tiltback design that allows you to lean the amplifier back and experience the sound more directly.

The 5t has 2 separate inputs for instrument and microphone in addition to the aux input to which you can connect an mp3 player to play along with.

Power: 75 Watts
Inputs: 2 (Guitar, Mic/Line)
Controls: (Guitar) Gain, High, Mid, Effect (Mic/Line)
Gain, High, Mid, Effect (Master) AUX Level, Master
Weight: 7 Kg

Dimensions: 305 x 255 x 265mm
Effects Loop: No
Speaker: 1x 5" Speaker, Tweeter