Fender Showman Blonde 1964 Head USED!!

SKU: 8-210070

Attention vintage lovers! Original 1964 Fender Showman in a Blonde finish; what a sound!

The Showman was Fender's flagship tube amp in '64, the first year of the famous Blackface circuit known for their amazing clean tone! Produced in the only "Pre-CBS" year of the Blackface line, this particular Showman features 4 6L6GC power tubes! This Showman has a terribly beautiful low end and the sparkle that you would expect from a vintage Fender amplifier.

The amplifier was fully serviced + recap by Dr Tube in 2020. This means that the head is completely up-to-date again to be used in the coming years. The amp has a wattage between 85-100 watts and has an 8 ohms speaker output.