Koch The Greg Koch Signature Combo Tweed LTD

SKU: 2-TG20 C210*

Awesome signature combo amp by Greg Koch in limited tweed edition, built by Koch!

If there's one guitarist who has experience with guitar sound, it's American blues and rock legend Greg Koch. Take the hundreds if not thousands of hours of guitar demos on youtube alone, not to mention his decades worth of session and live experience. A more than seasoned player, therefore, and it is therefore not surprising that his signature amplifier combo is an absolute bull's eye.

The Greg is powered by six 12AX7 pre-stage tubes and a pair of EL34 power tubes. Thanks to this combination, the amplifier has a crystal clear midrange that remains intact no matter what settings you use. And settings, there are quite a few, because the Greg uses 3 channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive + Boost. The clean channel is also really clean thanks to the 50 Watt power of the amplifier, and is capable of a lot thanks to the spring reverb and smooth built-in tremolo. The 2 overdrive channels are extremely flexible thanks to the optional OTS (output Tube Saturation) function, which gives the whole thing a big kick in the midrange. Want bluesy, low gain? No problem. Looking for fusion-like, singing sustain? Kick in the Gain boost and OTS and Greg is done!

In terms of sound, the Greg may have a vintage slant, but in terms of features it is completely contemporary. Thanks to the built-in effects loop and recording output, the amplifier can be used in any possible setting, whether in the studio or live. In addition, the order of the Reverb and Tremolo is adjustable, so that you have maximum control over the sound.

Model Name: The Greg Koch Signature Combo
Series: Signature
Amplifier Type: Tube
Inputs: 1
Channels: Three foot-switchable channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive Boost
Wattage: 50 Watts
Speaker: 2x 10” Jensen Jet C10-40 speakers

Controls: Separate Drive, Volume and passive Bass-Mid-Treble tone controls for both channels, Foot-switchable OTS (Output Tube Saturation) with Drive and Volume controls, Foot-switchable tube Tremolo with 'Harmonic' and 'Normal' mode, and Speed, Depth and Level controls, Foot-switchable Reverb with Dwell, Tone and Volume controls, and a classic long scale model spring reverb tank, Sequence switch to select Reverb>Tremolo or Tremolo>Reverb, Penthode (full power) / Triode (half power) switch, Presence control & Master Volume, Buffered Serial or Parallel effects loop with Level control, Recording output with passive speaker emulation filter
Pre Amp Tubes: 6 x 12AX7 pre amp tubes
Power Tubes: 2 x EL34 power tubes