Limited Version of this modern classic, with extra Dynamic BC108 NOS Transistor!

Why, the BC108 Fallout Cloud? It's our 8th anniversary and whilst not a massive decade based milestone, its a massive deal for us. So we wanted to celebrate a little. Initially I wanted to do a special run color, a candy orange sherbet finish for pumpkin spice latte season…. But here's the thing, as much as I love the limited edition color and knob choice, I'm never satisfied with anything and so I got experimenting…

And that's why we are here, the change in the transistors keeps the fundamentals of the FALLOUT CLOUD in place, it offers the same flexibility, same strong EQ and at extremes of gain it maintains the same articulation despite being a crushing fuzz. At lower gain settings it is a different beast entirely. This BC108 NOS transistor version is calmer at low gain settings. It has slightly more sag and feels smoother under the fingers. It's a subtle change but for those after a Fallout Cloud that sits more in the Vintage camp… here you are, for a VERY short time only and only because we want to celebrate.