Elfring Moonshine Snakeskin


Affordable boutique amplifier from Dutch soil with a great sound: the Elfring Moonshine!

Floris Elfring has become a well-known name in the Dutch amplifier scene and with this Moonshine he not only proves that he can build very good amplifiers, he also does this for a very attractive price! This is Elfring's fourth model and it really is a winner. The Moonshine has a real vintage vibe, both in looks and sound, but with the reliability of a modern built amp. In terms of sound, the Moonshine can best be described as big and punchy, rich in overtones with a lightning-fast attack. Thanks to the 12" Celestion Seventy 80, the amp sounds incredibly good at both living room volume and stage volume. So whether you play live or mainly at home, the Moonshine is a very inspiring amplifier.

Dimensions : 51x26x46 cm
Controls : Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass and Volume
Power : 15 watt output power
Pre amp tubes : 2x 12AX7
Output tubes : 2x 6V6
Speaker : Celestion Seventy80