Fender Mustang GT100

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Fender Mustang GT100

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Like the smaller GT40, the Fender Mustang GT100 also offers a whopping 21 amp models and 47 built-in effects. With this modeling amp you can effortlessly conjure up any kind of sound, from sparkling clean to face-melting crack. You can supplement this to your own liking with all kinds of effects, for example some chorus, reverb and/or delay. As the name suggests, the GT100 offers a power of 100 watts through one 12 inch speaker. This also makes the amplifier suitable for band situations. With all those amp models and effects you can of course also create your own presets, which will of course come in handy for a band. Thanks to the clear LCD screen, this can be done on the amplifier itself, but it can also be done via the Fender Tone app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The amplifier receives occasional updates from Fender, which can be downloaded via the built-in WiFi receiver. A tuner is indispensable for every guitarist, so it's built in for you. Are you looking for a versatile amplifier that can withstand all kinds of situations? Then you might be looking for the Fender Mustang GT100!

100-watt WiFi-equipped digital amplifier
One 12" Celestion Special Design speaker
Free, exclusive Tone App for one-touch preset access, management and editing
New models and effects with “spillover”
Bluetooth audio streaming and control
Onboard 60 second looper; set list support
Optional MGT-4 footswitch for control of presets and effects, tuner and looper access