Strymon Compadre Compressor + Boost


Strymon's brand new tone sculptor, compressor and boost: the Compadre!

It's important that the starting point of your signal chain is as pure as possible, because that's how you preserve the natural sound of your guitar. With the Strymon Compadre that's all right because this brand new Strymon pedal is equipped with a Class A JFET input circuit so that the pedal does not unintentionally distort your signal. This crazy pedal offers a studio-quality compressor and honest boost in a compact housing. The compression side of the Compadre has two different voicings so you can choose between a transparent effect or a more colored vintage squeeze. In both modes you can add your dry signal so you can still hear the natural attack of your pick or fingers, even at the most extreme compression settings. And on the boost side you can choose between an honest, transparent boost or a soft-clipped light overdrive. The cool thing about the overdriven side is that you can choose from 3 different EQ curves.

Effect Type: Boost/Compression
Controls: Boost level, Compression Dry/Level/Compression Amount
Connections: In, Out, Volume In, Favorite/Midi, Boost Type Toggle, 9v DC In