Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW


Beautiful Tanglewood from the Discovery series with beautiful Black Walnut body!

Tanglewood totally gets it! The brand realizes how important it is for a starting guitarist to have a high-quality instrument that invites you to play. To achieve this, a guitar must play comfortably and light, sound good and of course last a long time. And that is exactly the approach of the Discovery Exotic series, of which this Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW is part. The basis of the guitar is formed by a spruce (spruce top) and a black walnut (walnut) body. The Eboncore fingerboard and black walnut bridge complete the whole. What is completely unique in this price range is that the Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW is equipped with a pre-amp, including 4-band EQ and chromatic tuner. This way you are immediately ready for your first performance and you do not have to buy a separate tuner. In short: this guitar feels a lot more expensive than it actually is, and it is therefore an absolute must for the starting musician!

SHAPE SuperFolk
TOP Spruce
BACK Black Walnut
SIDES Black Walnut
BRIDGE Black Walnut
STRINGS Bronze 12-53
FINISH Natural Open Pore Satin
Full Specification DBTSFCEBW