Bogner Mephisto Combo USED!!


Crazy combo from Bogner, Meet the Mephisto!

What Bogner has to say about the Mephisto:

Mephisto is an immortal entity possessing magical powers and abilities gained by manipulation of the forces of magic. Mephisto is capable of using his power for a variety of uses, including superhuman strength, shape and size shifting and projecting illusions.

Our Mephisto is truly a new concept in amplifier design. It's not a channel switching amplifier, but rather, Parallel Amplifier Switching with two independent amplifiers found within one artful design.

Two vintage voiced Class-A amplifiers are at the heart of the Mephisto. One is a 50's American 6V6 and the other is styled after a pentode preamp based British EL84 and offers a total of 20 watts. You can easily switch between each amp or, and this is where the Mephisto's shaping comes in, mix and blend them together for a huge range of unheard tones. And in combination with the switchable power attenuator you have a total of 5 sounds on tap via the foot controller.

Your guitar input is shared and then splits into the two independent amplifiers with their own individual pre amp, phase inverter and power amp. The two amplifiers then merge, after their power tubes, into one output transformer and speaker output.

  • Switchable dual amplifier design
  • 50' American
  • 2x6V6 12W Class A cathode biased power amp
  • JJ ECC83s single triode 1st gain stage
  • JJ ECC83s 2nd gain stage and cathodyne phase inverter
  • Volume and Tone controls
  • 2 position Notch switch with black face mode
  • 60'British
  • 2xEL84 18W Class A cathode biased power amp
  • Tungsol 12ax7 gain stage
  • Tungsol 12ax7 long tailed phase inverter
  • Volume and Schizo 6 position rotary voice control
  • 3 position bright switch
  • common features
  • High and Low gain input
  • 5AR4 tube rectifier
  • 20W in parallel mode
  • Variable power attenuator, footswitchable
  • Single 8 ohm speaker out
  • Functions on footsitch: 6V6 or EL84, 6V6 and EL84 parallel mode, power attenuator
  • 8 ohm Celestion G12H
  • Pine cabinet with baltic birch floating baffle
  • Unique retro design in black comet with classic salt & pepper grill