Xotic BB Preamp Overdrive V1.5

SKU: 4-X102ABBP02

The Xotic BB Preamp V1.5: A classic overdrive with an insane amount of options!

The BB Preamp is one of Xotic's most legendary pedals, and for good reason. This fantastic pedal can effortlessly go from a beautiful clean boost to a gritty, compressed overdrive thanks to the pre-gain stage. No preamp is safe anymore, because the BB preamp can boost up to 30 dB, making the cleanest amps go over their necks. And all this without compromising on the sound of your guitar. Insane!

Effect Type: Overdrive
Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble
Connectors: 1/4" Input & Output Jack, 9v Input
True bypass switching