Xotic SL Drive Distortion

SKU: 4-X102ASLD01

The Xotic SL Drive: the fat sound of a Marshall Super Bass & Lead in one pedal!

It's a hip term: amp-in-a-box. One pedal succeeds just a little better in meeting expectations, but few of these types of pedals are as successful and popular as the Xotic SL Drive. And that is of course for a reason. The Marshall Super Lead and Super Bass amps are famous for their woody , organic and beautifully overdriven sounds. Guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, Duane Allman and countless others have relied on these amps to create their legendary sounds. And in our opinion, Xotic has succeeded in putting this sound in a compact format in the form of the SL Drive. The simple layout with three buttons (Drive, Volume and Tone) makes it a very user-friendly and seemingly simple effect. Still, it doesn't stop here, because thanks to the four internal dip switches you can adjust the sound to your heart's content. This way you can go from a sharper Super Lead-like sound to a darker and fuller Super Bass sound. Once you've found your favorite setting, you can leave these dip switches and start playing. Xotic now offers every guitarist the opportunity to approach those sounds with their SL Drive!

Effect Type: Distortion

Controls: Tone, Drive, Volume

Connectors: 1/4" Input & Output Jack, 9v Input

True bypass switching