Xotic XVP-250K Volume Pedal

SKU: 4-X102AXVP01

The Xotic XVP-250K: a chic and rock-solid volume pedal in a compact housing!

At first glance, a volume pedal seems like a simple effect. It literally just checks how loud or soft your guitar signal is, right? Looks can be deceiving, because the majority of volume pedals literally take away a piece of your sound and do not offer the transparency that they promise in advance. With the Xotic XVP-250K you are baked in that regard! Built entirely by hand, this volume pedal features extremely high-quality Audio Potentiometers that preserve the full frequency range of your sound. With the 250K input impedance and a separate Tuner output, the Xotic XVP-250K is an ideal starting point for your pedal rig. No more tone loss! And in use, the XVP-250K is wonderfully smooth, giving you full control over your volume during the most demanding live situations.

250K High Impedance
Gold Metallic Aluminum Housing
Tuner Out