Lakewood Guitars

About Lakewood Guitars

The success story of Lakewood Guitars began in the spring of 1986. Martin Seeliger, the founder of the brand, after several years of training in the luthier shelf, decided to focus on building steel string acoustic guitars. This choice was not necessarily obvious, because in the 1980s the classical guitar with its nylon strings was especially popular in Germany. Martin was all the more eager to introduce this originally American way of building guitars to his homeland. To give his own guitars an American touch, he decided to name his brand "Lakewood" after a small village in the US.

Our connection with Lakewood Guitars

We have a warm heart for Lakewood Guitars and its people. The employees of this wonderful company are incredibly sympathetic and driven, with an enormous love and passion for their work. And you can feel and see this immediately in all their guitars. It is therefore not without reason that this brand is doing well in our store. We always have a nice collection of Lakewood guitars hanging, and there is something for everyone. Thanks to our experience with the brand, we can also provide you with good advice to ensure that you go home with a beautiful Lakewood. And believe us, that smile will never leave your face after the purchase, these guitars are that good!

What Makes Lakewood Guitars Different?

Lakewood guitars are unique. We know we can often say this about guitars, as each instrument is unique in its own way. One type of wood is not the other, and so every guitar gets its own voice. But Lakewood has achieved something that many brands fail to do: they have managed to develop their own DNA and identity, which is also super useful. Lakewood guitars are always in balance, with a very nice sparkle in the highs, and a warmth that never gets muddy. The finish is finger licking good, and the guitars are a joy to look at from every angle.

Natural Series

Lakewood Guitars has a number of series, of which we have two in the store. First of all, there is the Natural series. The guitars from this line are characterized by their way of finishing. This one shines in all its simplicity. The types of wood used are kept as natural as possible, with minimal use of lacquer and finishes. Everything is about making the wood sound as good as possible, and all these guitars have a playability that you say to. In addition, the price tag is also very attractive. Examples from this series are the M18 and D18, a Concert and Dreadnought model respectively, which are equipped with an AAA European Spruce top, and a breathtaking Ovangkol back and sides.

Deluxe Series

We also sell the Deluxe series. As the name suggests, Lakewood goes a little further with this series - without compromising the Natural series. The basis for the guitars is the traditional combination of AAA European Spruce and AAA Indian Rosewood. Add to this the particularly luxurious finish in the form of a High-Gloss finish, Abalone Purfling and gold Schaller tuners, and you have a work of art of an instrument. A resounding example from this series is the most popular model in our shop, the M-32CP. This guitar is so extremely balanced that it almost resonates like a harp. Each register is represented in a refined way, with a beautiful sparkle in the highs, and a warmth in the low that almost feels like a blanket. What a fantastic guitar.