The beginning of Lowden Guitars

Born in 1951 and raised in Belfast Ireland, George Lowden built his very first guitar with a friend when he was 10 years old. Okay, the strings were made of fishing line, and the frets were just bent nails. But isn't this already a wonderful start to his life story? In 1974, George decided to focus on building guitars professionally. He dived into the matter, made mistake after mistake, and in this way gained the experience to release his first guitar in 1976 with the A-frame bracing and Dolphin Strut profile, which were aimed at stabilizing the acoustic guitar. Production of Lowden guitars took many forms and shapes between 1976 and 2004, from a large-scale Japanese factory to a small-scale facility in Ireland, with different licensees and managers (George has remained involved at all times), but since 2004 it has been George again Lowden and his family who call the shots. All guitars bearing the Lowden name have one thing in common: they are terribly good instruments.

What makes Lowden unique?

Lowden is a special brand. In a time where everything has to be fast and rushed and for this reason all processes are automated, Lowden is characterized by craftsmanship. Everything is built by hand, and the guitars are assembled with an unparalleled eye for detail. Just take the purfling around the body, which is inlaid with 3 different types of wood. And the overlay from the neck to the headstock, you have to see it in person to understand what we mean. In addition, George and his team choose the very, very, very best types of wood that are available. Within the 35 and 50 series you can even put together your own wood combinations. How about an F35 with Cocobolo back and sides, Red Sinkerwood top and a highly figured maple arm bevel. Nothing is too crazy, and within the 50 series you could even opt for an Ancient Cuban Mahogany cabinet with an Adirondack soundboard. Insane. Contact us for the possibilities.

Lowden Guitars Dijkmans Music

Models, types of wood and body shapes

Lowden has a number of series, which can be subdivided into different models, types of wood and shapes. All these models are also available with different options, so that is quite a number of guitars. First of all, it is useful to know that Lowden roughly uses 4 formats, namely the O (Lowden standard), F (medium format), S (concert) and WL (Wee Lowden, smallest format). to make:

Core Collection

  • Original series : The standard ever created by George. Available in 4 wood combinations, namely: Mahogany/Cedar, Walnut/Cedar, Rosewood/Cedar and Rosewood/Spruce
  • 35 series : Within the 35 series there are slightly more possibilities in terms of wood combinations. Contact us for the options.
  • 50 series : Actually the Lowden Custom Shop, where almost all possible wood combinations are possible. Contact us for the options.

specialty collection

  • 12-fret : Based on the Lowden S shape. The scale is the same as the regular S, but this model has 12 frets up to the body. Because the bridge is placed in a different position (slightly further from the sound hole), the guitar has more midrange punch. Sounds huge for its size.
  • FM Model : The FM is available in the 35 and 50 series and is based on the F shape body, but is slightly thinner than the regular F. In addition, the neck is also slightly narrower. Available in a large number of wood combinations.
  • S-35W : S-sized body with a walnut back and sides. Available with figured walnut or cedar top.

Dijkmans and Lowden in the Netherlands

Dijkmans has been officially a Lowden dealer since the fall of 2018, and we are so very proud of this. Lowden's models are already attracting a lot of attention in the store, and everyone agrees: these guitars are pure works of art. With their unique, distinct sound and voice, and the amazing looks, we are sure that Lowden and Dijkmans will have a very happy marriage.

Artists who play at Lowden

Renowned guitarists such as Alex De Grassi, Jon Gomm, Paul Brady and Ariel Posen play on Lowden guitars. Another good category might be: Artists who want to play at Lowden. Tom Groenendaal, Bob van Dinther, Daan Janzing, Jan-Willem van Zanten... ;)

Visit Dijkmans quickly to see all the beauty of Lowden, or to be advised!