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C. F. Martin & Company (Martin Guitars)

Martin Guitars: Nearly two centuries of experience

CF Martin & Company, commonly known as Martin Guitars, was founded in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin. In all those years, the brand has always remained in the hands of the Martin family, and the guitars are still produced in the USA to this day. Because of the exceptional build quality, old Martin guitars are very valuable.

Historical value of Martin Guitars

Martin plays a particularly important role historically by inventing scalloped bracing, the 0-size steel string guitar with 14 frets and the Dreadnought. This makes the brand largely responsible for the acoustic guitar as we know it today. The years of experience of the company ensures that every Martin guitar is a pleasure to play.

Martin Factory

Dijkmans and Martin

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Dijkmans has been in direct contact with Martin for many years. For example, our own Jan-Willem was invited to visit the factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania for an extensive tour of the beautiful Martin factory. In addition, we regularly choose the most beautiful tops for the guitars that we receive. We also always have a large stock of beautiful specimens.

The distinctive character of Martin Guitars

It is sometimes jokingly said about Martin guitars that you can still hear them in the back of the street. The guitars naturally have an enormous volume and clear projection. In addition, the looks are of course unmistakable. There isn't a guitarist who doesn't know what a D28 looks like. It is also worth mentioning that in 2018 the entire Standard series received a reimagined treatment. Without denying the history, the guitars become even nicer to play through modern techniques.

Chris Martin

Something for everyone

There is a Martin guitar for every kind of guitarist. Are you looking for a refined, handy guitar that is ideal for fingerpicking? Try an OM or 000 model. Or have you just set your sights on the perfect rhythm guitar? Then one of the legendary Dreadnought models from the D-series might be something for you.

Big names

Only a handful of luthiers have managed to achieve the same legendary status as Martin, which is why this brand has long been the regular choice of great artists such as Neil Young, Tommy Emmanuel, John Mayer and Eric Clapton.

We at Dijkmans are always ready to advise you in your choice, so come by quickly to browse our beautiful Martin Guitars collection!

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