Taylor Guitars 

Taylor Guitars: quality since 1974

Bob Taylor started as an 18 year old young man in a guitar shop called American Dream. How fitting is that! After the owner decided to sell the store, Taylor saw his chance in 1974 to make a new start under the name Westland Music Company. When it turned out that this very long name was not so easy to place on a headstock, the brand got its current name: Taylor Guitars. The Taylor factory is located in San Diego, El Cajon, California. The company also has a Dutch touch, because the European headquarters of the company is located in Amsterdam. The complete line is in stock in this office and repairs are taken care of. If you are a Dijkmans customer, you can also have Taylor guitar repairs done in our store...

Dijkmans and Taylor Guitars

At Dijkmans we always have an extensive range of Taylor guitars. We always have one or more copies of all lines, so it won't be a problem to succeed with us. In addition, our own Bob - the only one in the Netherlands! - a 'Silver Level PLUS Taylor Factory Authorized Silver Technician', so that all Taylor guitars not only leave the store in perfect condition, but you can also contact us with confidence for all your questions and any repair problems. So unique in the Netherlands.

An eco-friendly building process

Taylor is committed to conservation, and the company is committed to being transparent, ethical and efficient with the woods they use. Furthermore, they are constantly working to reduce their footprint. They do this, among other things, by reducing and recycling the waste as much as possible. A good example of this is that part of the wood waste is donated to a Mexican wood processing company, which then turns it into toys for small children.
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Characteristics of a Taylor guitar

Taylor has always been a forward thinking company. For example, the “Patented Taylor Guitar Neck” was introduced in 1999, with which they produced one of the most stable necks to date. Taylor necks are less sensitive to movement in the body of the guitar due to the way they are mounted. This keeps the neck much straighter than is the case with traditional fastening techniques. This keeps the intonation perfect. In addition, the necks are easy to adjust. In addition, Taylor recently broke with years of guitar building tradition by introducing the revolutionary V-Class Bracing. With this they know how to achieve even more volume and sustain in their guitars. All this makes a Taylor guitar a very balanced instrument.

Taylor Model Number System

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Since transparency is an important core value for Taylor, it is quite easy to gain insight into exactly what model you are holding in your hands. Taylor's series are ordered by 3 digits and the coding works as follows:
  • The first digit represents the series. These range from the 100 series to the 900 series, and everything in between.
  • The second digit shows us two things. First of all what kind of top the guitar has, and whether it is a 6- or 12-string model. As an example:

    six string
    = spruce top
    2 = mahogany top
    5 = spruce top
    6 = mahogany top

  • The third digit also shows the size of the guitar. We distinguish the following formats (tip: click on the formats to view our stock of models per body shape!) :
    0 = Dreadnought  
    2 = Grand Concerto
    4 = Grand Auditorium
    6 = Grand Symphony
    8 = Grand Orchestra

  • Finally, letters behind the code indicate whether the guitar has a Cutaway ( c) , and whether the model is equipped with electronics ( e). For example, a Taylor 314ce is a six-string guitar from the 300 series , with a spruce top, and a Grand Auditorium shape that is equipped with a cutaway and electronics .

Taylor's collection

As already described under the previous heading, Taylor is very good at coding and ranking the different models. Each series has its own selection of wood types to choose from, and we have listed these for your convenience:

Academy = layered sapele + spruce top
100 = layered walnut + solid sitka spruce top
200 = layered koa/copafera/rosewood + solid sitka spruce/hawaiian koa top

Completely massive
300 = sapele/blackwood + spruce top/mahogany top
400 = indian rosewood/ovangkol + sitka spruce top
500 = tropical mahogany + lutz spruce/tropical mahogany/western red cedar
600 = maple + sitka spruce
700 = indian rosewood + lutz spruce
800 = indian rosewood + sitka spruce
900 = indian rosewood + sitka spruce
Taylor also has the popular Koa series, and the flagship called the Presentation series, the models of which are also available with a Sinker Redwood top in addition to the usual spruce top.

Artists who play Taylor Guitars

Taylor guitars are amazing guitars, so it's no coincidence that some of the big names in the music world play Bob Taylor's instruments. For example, Americana greats Alan Jackson and Zac Brown have been playing the guitars for a long time, and Shawn Mendes, John Petrucci and Amy MacDonald are also frequently spotted with these unique instruments.

We at Dijkmans are always ready to advise and assist you in choosing your new Taylor guitar. Come and visit us in Breda soon!