Ashdown ABM-115H Compact Evo IV Cabinet


This Ashdown cabinet with 15" speaker is guaranteed to fill the entire stage with its sound!

Powerful, deep bass tones with enough definition: that's what the ABM-115H Compact Evo IV cab stands for. The ABM-115H is built very solidly, to last for years. In terms of material, high-quality birch plywood, tolex, metal corners and a steel grill have been chosen. A special 15-inch Blue Line speaker has been built for this EVO cab, which delivers an incredibly thick sound with all the punch and power you need. From small venues to large clubs, the ABM-115H is ready to rock and accompany you through all your shows. Crazy!

Power: 350 Watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Range: 37 Hz - 2 kHz
Weight: 33kg
Dimensions: 661 x 610 x 420mm
Speaker: 1 X 15"