SKU: 4-PW-3

Profi sound in a compact indestructible tank.

The all-analog PW-3 delivers professional wah sounds in a rugged design that saves valuable space on your pedalboard. BOSS has just developed the Rich mode of the PW-3. It has a uniquely full wah tone that retains clear and rich lows often lost in typical wah circuits. Want a more traditional sound? Simply flip the switch on the rear panel to Vintage mode for that classic wah vibe.

Unlike other pedals that sacrifice feel and function as they get smaller, the PW-3 strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and playing comfort. Its cast aluminum chassis is solid and sturdy underfoot. Its long, smooth pedal action is very responsive and feels great. Another problem with smaller pedals is that it's hard to see when the effect is on or off because your foot blocks the view. The PW-3 solves this with status LEDs on each side of the pedal. This makes it much easier to see when the wah is activated.