EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices Dunes


Many options in a user-friendly mini housing. EQD's Dunes reinvents the 808 drive!

EarthQuaker Devices' Dunes is a downsized variation on their well-known Palisades pedal, taking the 808-style overdrive completely and almost reinventing it. What remains in the Dunes are only the most essential controls and sounds you need to make this mid-boosting transparent overdrive sound as good as possible. The simple interface is perfect for guitarists who don't want to spend a lot of time exploring a multitude of options and possibilities. Just like on the Palisades, the Dunes are equipped with the traditional Gain, Tone and Level controls. In addition, we find two handy mini toggle switches with which you can switch between normal / bright and between two types of bandwidth. Finally, you can choose from three types of clipping with which the Dunes proves itself as an incredibly versatile overdrive, without overkilling buttons and switches. Read on to learn more about the control layout.

1. Tone: Makes the character of the overdrive brighter (clockwise) or warmer (counterclockwise)

2. Voice: Choose between three types of clipping viz MF- MOSFET diode clipping (tight, crunchy sound), N- No diode clipping (clean boost to rock hard op-amp distortion), Si- Silicon diode clipping (traditional TS-808 grit)

3. Gain: Determines the amount of overdrive

4. Normal/Bright: Normal is a warm full tone, Bright is a lively bright tone with a nice chime

5. Volume: Determines the output level

6. Bandwidth: With the switch to the left you put more emphasis on the mid hump and highs, to the right gives you a full range tone with more body