Engl Thunder 50 Combo USED!!

SKU: 8-211292

Ride the Lightning with this Engl Thunder 50 Combo! In very nice condition.

Three Channel Versatility
The Engl Thunder 50 combo provides 3 channels to cover all the gain levels you may require for gigging or recording purposes. Powered by ECC83 and 5881 valves, this amp will deliver powerful and organic tube tone with great sustain and saturation when driven hard. Channel and gain switching gives you access to three channels of varied gain levels, accessible via remote foot-switch to give you on-stage usability and instant sound access.

Shared EQ And In-Built Reverb
The Engl Thunder 50 is designed to get you performing with great tone as quickly as possible and it offers a 3-band shared EQ to do so. Once you've dialed in your perfect sound, all you need to do is switch between your gain levels and access that classic valve tone with its rich overtones and harmonic content when pushed harder. The spring reverb provides a lush ambience that will sit beautifully over your sound, while an FX loop lets you integrate your current pedals with either parallel or series operation.

A Simple Yet Powerful Gigging Platform
The Thunder 50 is simple to set up yet gives you access to Engl's extreme quality and attention to detail, along with its legendary valve tones and overdrive. Driving a 12'' Celestion Classic 30 speaker, the Thunder 50 easily has enough volume to cover small/medium gigs or band rehearsals. Should you find yourself requiring more projection, the Thunder provides multiple speaker outs to give access to external cabinets. Many of the amp's features are foot-switchable with the Engl Z-3/Z-4 remote foot-switch, giving you a great gigging solution to achieve a wide range of overdrive levels in a compact and rugged chassis.

3 channels - clean, crunch, lead
3 band shared EQ
Crunch/lead, clean/lead switches
Built-in reverb for lush ambient surround
Parallel/serial switchable FX loop
50 watts of organic tube tone through Celestion Vintage 30

Controls: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, Lead Volume, Master Volume, Clean/Lead switch, Crunch/Lead switch
Output Power: 50 watts
Type: Valve
Valves: 3 ECC83 preamp tubes, 1 x EC83, 2 x 5881 power amp tubes
Speaker Size: 12''
Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30
Dimensions: 53 x 45 x 25cm
Weight: 25 KG
Outputs: Speaker outs (2 x 8, 2 x 16 Ohms), FX loop (parallel to serial adjustable), dual footswitch jacks (Z-3/Z-4)