Eventide Black Hole Reverb


Wander through the cosmos with this amazing reverb from Eventide. Great sounds and endlessly inspiring soundscapes!

Humanity has been asking for decades: what is in black holes? This question must also have occupied the Eventide team when designing this reverb pedal. Turn it on and you'll feel like a true astronaut swallowed by a wormhole. But rest assured; You won't get completely lost in the void, because the pedal has a very user-friendly user interface. The loaded presets are immediately usable and inspiring, but creating your own presets is anything but rocket science! As icing on the cake, there is also the freeze function, which enables you to create endless soundscapes. Guitarists often describe reverb as "space", and Eventide means both!

Effect type: Reverb
Controls: Mix, Gravity, Feedback, Size, Low/High Frequencies, Preset indicator, Active, Freeze
Secondary Functions: Pre Delay, Q size, Mod Depth, Mod Rate, Output Level
Connections: In, Out1/Out2, Expression In, USB, 9vDC, Mono/Stereo+Line Level Dip Switches