Eventide Micropitch Pitch Shifter And Delay


Pitch Shifting in Optima Forma with this pedal from Eventide!

Pitch shifting is the secret weapon of many guitarists and producers. It allows for insane effects such as pitch shifted delays and harmonized guitar solos (I call an Owner Of A Lonely Heart). But pitch shifting is also a good option for a subtle shimmer or some "fattening". Eventide has also added an extensive Delay Engine, which allows you to expand your sound options even further. And luckily the controls are kept nice and simple and there is a preset function, so you never get lost!

Effect type: Pitch Shifting And Delay
Controls: Mix, Pitch A, Pitch B, Depth, Rate/Sens, Pitch Mix
Secondary Functions: Tone, Delay A, Delay B, Modulation, Feedback, Output Level
Connections: In, Out1/Out2, Expression In, USB, 9vDC, Mono/Stereo+Line Level Dip Switches