Eventide Ultra Tap Delay

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Create amazing tap-tempo delays, modulations and soundscapes with this versatile pedal!

The inspiration for this pedal comes from old Echoplex delays. The cool thing about this is that you can turn on several "tape heads" at the same time, all of which have a different speed. Eventide elaborates on this principle with the Ultratap. With this pedal you can stack as many tape heads as you want, and you can tweak the relationship between them to create the most diverse effects! From multi-head delay sounds to psychedelic volume swells: the ultratap makes it possible.

Effect Type: Delay
Controls: Mix, Taps, Length, Feedback, Spread, Taper, Active, Tap Tempo
Secondary Functions: Tone, Slurm, Pre Delay, Chop, Speed/Rise/Release, Output Level
Connections: In, Out1/Out2, Expression In, USB, 9vDC, Mono/Stereo+Line Level Dip Switches