Fender Super Sonic 22 Blonde

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American cleans and British crunch: what more could you want?

We know that we regularly speak of "all-rounders", and versatile instruments. That's a statement you have to be careful with, but this Fender Super-Sonic 22 Blonde amp falls right into that category. With its clean channel inspired by the Deluxe Reverb, you immediately fall into a feeling of coming home. The well-known Fender chime can be heard, and with the Fat switch you give the already impressive sound some extra body. Is the time there for your solo, or solid rhythm part? Then switch to the Burn channel, which can not only be adjusted to your heart's content via the cascaded Gain circuit, but the Drive channel manages to keep the original sound of its clean brother intact. The consequence? Your sound will always sound natural, organic and open. Awesome amp that's ready for any gig.
  • Series: Super Sonic
  • Amplifier Type: Tube
  • Inputs: 1 - (1/4")
  • Channels: 2 - Selectable Vintage or Burn
  • Wattage: 22 Watts
  • Speaker: 1 - 12" Fender Lightning Bolt by Eminence
  • Controls: CHANNEL 1: Volume, Treble, Bass & Normal/Fat switch; CHANNEL 2: Gain 1, Gain 2, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume, Reverb
  • Pre-Amp Tubes: 3x12AX7, 2x12AT7
  • Power Tubes: 2 x 6V6
  • Footswitch: Yes
  • Cover: Fitted Cover Included