Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal


Ride The Lightning With This Insane Distortion From Gamechanger Audio!

The Plasma Audio from Gamechanger Audio is one of the coolest distortion ideas ever: the overdrive literally arises from a lightning bolt! The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the circuit between the input and output of the pedal is completed by an electrical current that you can physically see running through the xenon tube. How fat is that?

The result is a unique and aggressive distortion that borders on fuzz. Thanks to the voltage control you can vary between all-out distortion with huge sustain and gated-fuzz sounds that sputter out of the pedal with great effort. This is literally done by reducing the voltage in the pedal! You also have access to a powerful two-band EQ, a clean blend and a master volume control. Also, be sure to use the volume knob on your guitar to influence the circuit; your audience will think the power is out!

Effect Type: Distortion
Controls: Blend, Voltage, Volume, Low Frequencies, High Frequencies
Connections: In, Out, Clean EQ on/off, 9V DC In (250mA)