GR Bass Dual 800


Top quality and versatility from Italy with this GR Bass Dual 800 top!

The GR Bass Dual 800 is a bass amp made for the modern and discerning bass player with a flexibility never seen before on a bass amp. Totally awesome! First of all, the Dual 800 has two separate channels, one of which has a great sounding overdrive. In addition, both channels are equipped with a 4-band EQ with individually adjustable filter for the mid frequencies. As if that weren't enough, the GR Bass Dual 800 offers the option of connecting two instruments, or one instrument with the option of using the two separate equalizers alternately or simultaneously. This offers so many sound possibilities! This great amp is completed by two rear DI outputs to send two separate signals, even when only one instrument is used. This offers the possibility to output a clean and overdriven signal separately. Top quality from Italy!