GR Bass CUBE 500

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500 watt powerhouse in a nice compact size

Great bass combo with a power of 500 watts. Lots of tone in a nice size. The GRBass CUBE 500 will never get in the way! Thanks to the built-in tuner, you're always sure. And finding your perfect sound has never been easier. The sound of the amplifier can be fully personalized thanks to the extensive EQ options. Think of a standard 3-band configuration, supplemented with filter options for the low and high mids, a deep boost and bright switch. The 1x12 speaker sounds nice and tight. Awesome amp!

  • Type : Solid State
  • Channels : Single
  • Total Power : 500W
  • Front Panel : - Tuner / Vu-Meter, Input, Aux In, Gain, Deep filter, Low, mid Low, mid High, High, Bright filter, 3 freq for mid Low, 3 freq for mid High, Pure Sound, Volume DI (antibump), Headphone master, Headphone output, Master, Mute
  • Back Panel : Input 230-115v (auto selectable), 9 Volt 300mA, Send/Return, Pre/Post DI, GND lift, DI Output, Speakon, Fan (Studio/Live mode)
  • Dimensions : 43 H x 40 W x 35 D cm
  • Weight : 14 kg