GR Bass ONE 800

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The largest member of the amazing ONE series

Sometimes we see small, lightweight amplifiers that compromise on sound and options. However, GRBass proves the opposite with the GRBass One 800. With this amplifier, no compromise has been made in terms of tone and ease of use. The result is simply a super solid amplifier that can handle any gig. With a total power of 800W, headroom and low end are no problem at all. In addition, finding your ideal sound is no problem at all thanks to the extensive EQ options including filters for low and high mids. A top amplifier that is ready for the modern, demanding bass player.
  • Type : Solid State
  • Channels : Single
  • Total Power : 800W
  • Front Panel : - Tuner / Vu-Meter, Input, Aux In, Gain, Deep filter, Low, mid Low, mid High, High, Bright filter, 3 freq for mid Low, 3 freq for mid High, Pure Sound, Volume DI (antibump), Headphone master, Headphone output, Master, Mute
  • Back Panel : Input 230-115v (auto selectable), 9 Volt 300mA, Send/Return, Pre/Post DI, GND lift, DI Output, Speakon Ch1, Speakon Ch2, Fan (Studio/Live mode)
  • Dimensions : 25.5 x 20 x 5 cm
  • Weight : 2.2 kg