Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter

SKU: 4-ES3

Reissue of the quirky Ibanez Echo Shifter with digital and analog functionality!

If a pedal looks as cool as this Ibanez ES3 then it's almost inevitable that it also sounds good. And let that be exactly the case. The Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter is equipped with both an analog and a digital delay mode. Where the analog setting shines with its warm, natural character thanks to the fact that we are dealing with a true analog circuit, the digital side of the pedal shines with its long delay times (up to 1500ms). Thanks to the modulation speed control, you can fully tailor the character of the ES3 to your personal preferences. Unlike the ES2, you can activate the Oscillation function on the ES3 with the right footswitch. This gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently manipulate the quality and texture of the delay signal while playing. So you don't have to sit on your knees anymore and you can let yourself be completely carried away by your inspiration at that moment. Characteristic of the Ibanez Echo Shifter is of course also the delay time control which can be controlled with the fader. Other noteworthy features include the delay tap switch and of course the aforementioned oscillation and modulation modes. What a complete pedal from Ibanez!

  • Controls: Mix, Feedback, Depth, Speed, Delay Time
  • Switches: Effect on/off, Tap/Oscillation on (press and hold), Analog/Digital, Modulation On/Off, Inst/Line
  • I/Os: Input, Output Input is on the right side. Output is on the left side.
  • Delay time: Analog 40ms - 600ms, Digital 40ms - 1500ms
  • Size: 116(W) x 153(D) x 57(H) (mm)
  • Size: 4.6(W) x 6.0(D) x 2.3(H) (inch)
  • Power Consumption: 200mA@9V
  • Power Supply: External DC 9 volt AC adaptor