Koch Ventura 20 Combo

SKU: 2-V20 C112

The very first Koch amplifier with a 6V6 output stage for a beautiful American sound!

Most Koch amplifiers are based on British amplifiers from the 1960s with their EL34 and EL84 output stage tubes. With this Ventura 20 watt combo, the brand is entering the path of the low-powered traditional American amplifiers of the 50s and 60s for the first time. The result is a very nice amplifier. The Koch Ventura is a two-channel combo amplifier with a full-fledged three-band EQ to adjust the Bass, Mids and Treble separately. Thanks to the 6V6 output stage, the clean channel immediately sounds familiar with a crystal clear top end, a spanky midrange and of course beautiful, full low end. A very inspiring sound and an excellent canvas for your pedalboard. But the fun doesn't stop there because the second channel also sounds great. The overdriven side of the Koch Ventura delivers a thick, full-bodied overdrive that's perfect for blues and rock guitarists. Here too you can hear the effect of the 6V6 tubes because the sound is again very pleasant with a full character in the low end and a clear definition in the high end. As icing on the cake we also find a spring reverb and effects loop (buffered) on the Koch Ventura, as well as a Dummy load and a speaker cabinet simulation that can be used via the jack output. This allows you to record and practice without actually producing sound: very handy in the evenings!
  • 20 watts
  • 2 x 6v6 Tubes
  • 2 x 12AX7 tubes
  • 2 Channels (clean, overdrive)
  • Passive EQ bass-mid-treble tone controls
  • Custom designed Koch VG12-60 speaker
  • Short scale three spring reverb tank
  • Speaker on/off switch (Koch Dummy load switch)
  • Rec/PA output (unbalanced)
  • Two Tone Koch custom design
  • Including Koch 2-way foot switch
  • Dimensions 63 wx 38 dx 53 h. (cm)
  • Weight 21.8 Kg