Lakewood M-0 Katalox - Dark Old Cedar

SKU: 1-Cust XXM

A unique masterpiece of 40 year old Cedar: This Lakewood is absolutely one of a kind!

You have beautiful guitars... and you have this amazing Lakewood M-0! It's almost impossible to pinpoint a favorite part on this guitar, built especially for Dijkmans. Is it perhaps the top, which is crafted from AAAA-grade Cedar over 40 years old? Or is it the Spalted Katalox back with that crazy drawing through the middle? By the way, this drawing comes back along the binding, which almost looks like an order! Another salient detail is the Ziricote Pickguard, as well as the Ziricote Tuning Pegs. You might expect that this exotic wood combination does not necessarily produce a nice sound, but nothing could be further from the truth in this case. This Lakewood is beautifully balanced and has a nice compression, which makes the guitar nice and easy to play. The frequency range is quite wide, making your open chords sound like a bell, while leaving you with more than enough mids for fingerpicking. This is a completely unique guitar, and we are more than proud to be able to offer it! Including Hiscox Case.

Top: AAAA Dark Old Cedar (+200)
Back & Sides: Spalted Katalox (+400,-)
Neck: Cedro
Soundhole rosette: Wooden core slim with purfling Cyprus
Bindings: maple
Headstock: Flat headstock
Fingerboard: Ziricote
Neck width at nut: 45mm (1.77inch)
Scale Length: 650mm (25.6in)
Tuners: Lakewood ProTune II gold
Body finish: Open-pored satin gloss (natural finish)
Neck finish: Satin gloss, filled grain
Case: Hiscox Lakewood hard case