Lakland Skyline 44-51 Candy Apple Red

SKU: 1-S4451 RCAR

Beautiful '50s style P-Bass by Lakland in beautiful red colour.

Our Skyline 44-51 shares the same slab body aesthetics of the high-end USA Series 44-51 and the same Lakland hybrid pickup as the US made 44-51M. The 44-51 captures the rich and defined power of those early basses that revolutionized the four string low-end world. The tone and power of a well-preserved vintage instrument with flawless Lakland fretwork and neck refinements make this another of our modern classics.

Utility width 1,625″
utility type Delrin
Fret size .041/.085”
Width at final fret 2.48”
1st fret neck depth .87”
12th fret neck depth
Fingerboard Radius .10″
Scale length 34″
Frets 20
Bridge string spacing .75″
Neckwood Flat-sawn Rock Maple
Bodywood Ash
Fingerboard wood Fretted Maple with dots
tuners Hipshot Ultralites (optional Hipshot D-Tuner)
Truss rod access Neck Heel: 4mm hex
Pickguard Black single ply
controls Volume/Tone
Bridge Lakland Dual Access (through body or through bridge)
pickups Lakland Split Coil NeoPunch Hum-Canceller
Left-handed not available