Hear effects straight from your guitar, without wires. Reverb, Delay or Chorus... just on the couch!

Lava has not been afraid to completely reinvent the guitar. These guitars are made of carbon fiber with a unique honeycomb structure, making them about 70% stronger than regular guitars and also 15% lighter. Unlike wood, carbon fiber is incredibly stable in tone and you will never be bothered by temperature fluctuations.

The body is cast in one mold, so that almost nothing needs to be glued. It results in an insanely rich sound that you don't expect when you see or hold this guitar. And then a very special point; the built-in effects, which you can use without plugging in. Play with reverb, delay and chorus whenever and wherever you want. So you don't need any cables and you hear it directly from the guitar.

We have the Lava ME in different colors, white, black, pink, blue and orange.

It's a handy model that's perfect for jamming at home or taking with you on a trip. The guitar comes in a sturdy soft case.

Including USB cable and a set of Lava Picks.