Lowden F-35C FB/AD

SKU: 1-LOW 22844

Exclusive Lowden model with 50-series specifications such as Fiddleback Mahogany back & sides. Unknown!

It is always a party when we receive a new order from Lowden. And our day was already possible not broken anymore when we saw the back of this Lowden F-35C FB/AD.. WOW! For the side and back of George Lowden and his team chose this guitar for the unique Fiddleback Mahogany. This mahogany species has the property that there is a certain figured/flame drawing in the wood. That offers a very nice sight, for sure in contrast to the light color of the Adirondack Spruce top. In terms of sound, there is also enough to keep your fingers crossed to lick. As we have come to expect from these Irish whoppers, the guitar is super balanced. All strings and notes are given equal space to flourish, even in the fullest of chords. This gives the guitar a very complex and almost airy character with an abundance of overtones that resonate as if you were playing a piano. Very nice. The finish is exactly as we are used to from Lowden: flawless. It has been thought through down to the smallest details playability and the appearance of the guitar, with Gotoh 510 tuners, beautiful purfling inlaid with mahogany, Rosewood and Maple, and also the beautiful Ebony overlay on the back of the headstock is a Lowden feature that cannot be missed. may be missing. Including beautiful new Lowden Custom case.

Back & Sides: Fiddleback Mahogany
Soundboard: Adirondack Spruce
Tuners: Gotoh 510 Gold with Ebony buttons
Bridge: Black Rosewood
Neck: 5 piece: Mahogany /Walnut Lamb/Rosewood,
43.5mm at nut / 56mm at 14th fret and/or Shallow Neck Carve (hand carved lower profile
Fingerboard: Ebony with Ebony/Maple bindings
Purflings: Mahogany/Rosewood/Maple
Binding: Figured Maple
Headstock overlay: Ebony (front and back)
Fret Markers: Side
Body size: F