Lowden GL-10C Ziricote

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Fantastic electric Lowden with weight relief and P90s

What a work of art! This Lowden GL-10C Ziricote shows what kind of professionals George Lowden employs! It is now generally known that Lowden makes fantastic acoustic guitars, but that the electric guitars of this Irish brand are at least as good is still relatively unknown. And that's why we think it's great that we received this Lowden GL-10C Ziricote! We're repeating ourselves a bit when we say that our jaws dropped when we saw this GL-10C (where the C stands for chambered), but if you take a closer look at the Ziricote top with its beautiful, luscious drawing and great qualities like tonewood (it's called the new Brazilian Rosewood for a reason), tasteful gold hardware and the way this instrument has been finished, you can't help but admire George Lowden and his fantastic team. And then the sound of the Gl-10C Ziricote: imagine a guitar that - as far as possible of course - has the same kind of sustain and harmonic complexity as a piano. That's how good these GL-10 models are! Furthermore, the guitar is equipped with Lollar P90 pickups and all hardware is from Gotoh: top notch, so!

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Top: Ziricote
  • tuners: Gotoh 510 w/ Ebony buttons
  • Bridge: Gotoh GE103B-T
  • Neck: 5 Piece Mahogany with Rosewood splices
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Pickups: 2x Lollar P-90
  • Controls: 2x volume, 1x tone
  • Finish: Hand rubbed oil finish
  • Neck shape: C
  • Frets: 22
  • Case: Yes