Marshall 2536 2x12" Cabinet

SKU: 2-H. MACA 2536
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The ideal Marshall 2x12" speaker cabinet in chic silver

This Marshall 2536 2x12" Cabinet is made with the Silver Jubilee Top in mind. But believe us, this cabinet is so incredibly good that it sounds good with almost any amp. Equipped with 2 Celestion G12 Vintage speakers, and can be used in both mono and stereo with a loadable capacity of up to 140 watts, tight bass and a nicely rounded high, now for a very nice price.

Speaker configuration: 2x12"
Speaker model: Celestion G12 Vintage (16Ω, 70w)
Power handling: 140w
Unit Impedance: 8Ω Mono, 16Ω Stereo (switchable)
Dimensions: (Width)740 mm / 29.1", (Depth)600 mm / 23.6", (Height)305 mm / 12"
Weight: 24.6kg (54lbs)