Marshall MG100HGFX 100Watt Head

$256.00 $385.00U bespaart $129.00

Affordable class with raw power!!

A real 100 Watt Marshall head with built-in effects! A total of 4 effects and 4 channels to choose from. This allows you to use the top in any style of music. And if things go too fast, you can also connect headphones to the top and play in silence.

  • Output: 100 Watts
  • 2 channels with 2 overdrive voicings
  • Emulated Headphone Output
  • MP3/Line In
  • Foot switchable included
  • Built-in digital effects including chorus, flanger, phaser and octave
  • Built-in reverb with studio & spring voicings
  • Dedicated delay FX control with 4 types to choose from
  • Store feature to save your favorite tone presets
  • Classic black & gold Marshall aesthetic
  • Marshall script logo