Marshall Studio Classic Combo SC20C

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The Studio Classic Combo is a compact reissue of the legendary Marshall JCM800

Marshall is perhaps the toughest amplifier brand on earth. When you think of this brand, you think of big stacks with 4x12 cabinets and huge tops with a lot of power like the JCM800. Marshall is the face of Rock 'n Roll! In the 70's you could get away with those stacks, but nowadays it's getting harder and less desirable. That is why Marshall has created the Studio series, of which this Marshall Studio Classic SC20C is a part. This little rascal is a 20 watt reissue of the legendary Marshall JCM800 amp. What can you expect sound-wise from this amp? 80's hard rock! What a great amp this is. The sound is unmistakable, and you never have the idea that you are playing on a 1x10 combo. Insane.

Power: 20 watts with power reduction option to 5 watts
Inputs: 2x, High and Low Sensitivity
Controls: Presence, bass, middle, treble, master volume, preamp volume
Tubes: 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter), 2 x EL34
Speaker: 1x10 Celestion V-Type
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 510 x 460 x 255
Effects Loop: Send and Return
Additional: -