Paoletti Stratospheric Loft Heavy Black + Silver


A shameless eighties rock machine from Paoletti, with Schaller Vibrato and a Kill Switch!

Sure, we all love beautiful, chic vintage-inspired guitars, but sometimes it's just time for some shameless, unadulterated rock. If you get warm from eighties hard rock and hair metal and don't shy away from a bit of distortion, you can indulge yourself - and your tapping licks - with this über cool Paoletti Stratospheric Loft!

Basically we are still dealing with a typical Paoletti. The body is made from the chestnut wood of old wine barrels and the neck is extremely stable thanks to the roasted Canadian maple with ebony fingerboard. Where this Stratospheric Loft gets really fun is at the bridge: a Schaller Vibrato (Dive Bombs, anyone?) has been chosen here. As if that wasn't enough for the better hard rock work, this Paoletti is equipped with a Killswitch and a reverse headstock. For that extra visual X-factor, Pearl Star inlays and EVH-style pickguard have been used. This Paoletti rock machine comes with a matching hard case.

Model: Stratosphere Loft
Color: Heavy Black + Silver
Body Wood: Reclaimed Chestnut
Neck Wood: Canadian Roasted Maple w/ Reverse Headstock
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Neck Profile: Medium C
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Fingerboard Inlay: Pearl Stars
Bridge Pickup: Paoletti Zebra Humbucker w/ Brass Frame
Middle Pickup: Paoletti Single Coil
Neck Pickup: Paoletti Single Coil
Tuners: Schaller Nickel
Pickguard: Brass "EVH" Style
Bridge: Schaller Vibrato
Additional: Kill Switch
Case: Hard case