Paul Reed Smith

PRS Archon 50 Combo



In Greek, Archon roughly translates as "Ruler" and what a "Ruler" this amplifier from PRS is! In addition to the fantastic guitars from PRS, it has now been proven over and over that PRS builds at least such great amplifiers. This Archon is a little beast with a crazy clean channel and a fat lead channel. The clean channel offers excellent usable clean, from crystal clear to more crunchy. The lead channel continues here: from crunchy to metal high gain. Each channel has its own 3-band EQ and volume control. Each channel also has its own bright switch for more clarity in the sound. The channels together share a depth and presence control. Furthermore, both channels have their own master volume. To make the amplifier as practical as possible, there is an effects loop and you can switch the power from 50 to 25 watts. In the 25-watt mode, the amp will overdrive relatively more at a lower volume, for a sound that leans a little more towards vintage amps. The whole is completed by an amazing sounding Celestion G12-75T speaker and the foot switch is also included with this already so complete PRS Archon 50!

Power: 50 Watts
Inputs: 1
Controls: Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Master for each channel
Bright Switch for each channel

Tubes: 6x 12AX7 JJ (Preamp), 2x 6L6 (Poweramp)
Footswitch: Included (2-WAY LED Footswitch)
Effect Loop: Yes
Speaker: 1x12 Celestion G12-75T
Extra: Half Power Switch (25 Watts)