Paul Reed Smith



PRS Goes Woodstock: The HX amplifier series is an ode to the legendary Hendrix sound!

Interested in the HX 50 Top? This amp can now be pre-ordered for €1100. The amplifier head is expected in the third quarter of 2021. We receive the first delivery to Europe. Send us an email at or call us on 0765145114.

When Paul Reed Smith and his team design a product, they don't cut corners on the preliminary research. The same goes for this HX amp: PRS wanted to develop a Hendrix-inspired amp, and to make that happen, they requested access to the real thing: Hendrix's actual woodstock amp. They got that access and you can hear it! The HX amplifier - here in 50 watts - hits the nail on the head when it comes to the fierce, direct sound that Hendrix so immortalized. But make no mistake; turn everything back a notch and you immediately have a beautiful, sparkling clean sound! And is it getting too bright for you? The multifunctional bright switch is ideal for adjusting the presence to taste. Wow!

Power: 50 watts
Controls: Channel 1 Controls - Bass Volume with common Presence, Bass, Middle, Mid Gain (on/off), Treble, Lead Volume, Bright (Off, Bright 1, Bright 2) Channel 2 Controls - Lead Volume with common Presence, Bass , Middle, Mid Gain (on/off), Treble, Bright (Off, Bright 1, Bright 2), Bass Volume
Power tubes: 2x New Sensor EL34EH
Preamp tubes: 3x JJ ECC803S
Output Transformer: Straight Edge 50 Watt Output