Suhr Hombre 1x12 Combo

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Suhr's homage to the Fender Brownface amps of the early '60s: the Hombre!

Fair is fair: who doesn't have a soft spot for low wattage combo amps? They must have thought so at Suhr, and the famous brand of John Suhr is also coming onto the market with the Hombre 1x12 Combo! This little rascal is inspired by the mythical Fender Brownface amps of the early '60s. These were technically between the Tweed and Blackface amplifiers for a period, and you can hear that in the sound. How can that sound best be described? Towards the 1960s, Leo Fender was busy increasing the clean headroom of his amps, and this was clearly reflected in his Brownface amps, which were already a lot cleaner and brighter than the Tweed amps from the 1950s. Yet they are not blackface amplifiers in a different guise, because the Brownies had a somewhat more articulated mid character, and the blackface mid-scoop was not yet in this sound. In addition, these amps are especially loved for the unique tremolo circuit, which can best be described as a Harmonic Tremolo, which goes towards a kind of warbly vibrato sound. John Suhr has faithfully recreated all of this and put it in a super nice jacket with a simple control layout. We can't wait!