Tanglewood TWU PE NS


Beautiful Tanglewood Parlor guitar from the Union series with solid mahogany top and pickup!

Tanglewood continues to surprise us time and time again with the great price/quality ratio that the brand knows how to offer. This includes this Tanglewood TWU PE NS from the Union line-up. This series aims to offer high-quality acoustic guitars with relevant upgrades such as a solid top, so that guitarists in a lower price segment can also get their hands on an inspiring instrument. And that is exactly what this TWU PE NS is. Of course the price also helps! The basis of the guitar is formed by the full mahogany (mahogany in English) construction. First of all, the aforementioned massive Solid African Mahogany top. As a rule, a solid top offers a more complex and rich sound than a laminated top. An additional advantage is that a solid top will sound more and more beautiful over time. So a good investment! Mahogany not only sounds beautiful, but also looks beautiful. Especially in combination with the cream maple binding on the body and headstock you get a very luxurious look. The relatively new Eboncore™ has been chosen for the fingerboard, which with its density is a good alternative to rosewood and ebony. Finally , the built-in TW-EX4 pre-amp system with 4-band EQ is also worth mentioning, so you are immediately ready for the stage. The whole is finished in a Natural Satin finish. This guitar feels and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is!

SHAPE Parlour
TOP Solid Mahogany


BRIDGE Black Walnut
STRINGS Bronze 12-53
FINISH Natural Satin
Full Specification