Two Notes

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X 16 Ohm


Get the most out of your tube amp with the Captor X from Two Notes!

The classic description of an attenuator is simple: it allows your amp to be wide open without blowing out all the windows. But actually the Captor X from Two Notes goes much further than that. To start with, you have full stereo outputs at your disposal, allowing you to make extremely spacious recordings and live sounds. You also have extensive routing options, a headphone output and the Captor is packed with Two Notes Cabinet Simulations. How complete do you want it!

  • Speaker Simulator, IR Loader, DI Box

  • 16 ohm version

  • input: 6.35mm TS Jack, unbalanced

  • output: 6.35mm TS Jack, unbalanced

  • headphone out: 6.35mm TS Jack

  • stereo out: XLR, balanced

  • micro USB port

  • 24-bit/96 kHz conversion

  • including USB and power cables