universal audio

Universal Audio Golden Reverberator


Universal Audio enters the world of guitar effects with a trio of stunning pedals, including this stunning studio-quality reverb!

Claiming that a pedal takes you on a journey through time may sound like an exaggeration, but that's exactly what this reverb from Universal Audio does. You start in the fifties: creamy plate reverbs as they could be found in many studios back then. One stand further and you're in the dripping spring reverb heaven of the sixties. And do you want it a little bigger? then fast forward to the seventies, where you can bathe in the imposing hall reverb. And best of all: UAD has recreated all reverbs very accurately with their now legendary algorithms. This way you really imagine yourself in a different time when you turn on this pedal. Add to that the very clear user interface - ease of use has always been an asset at UAD - and voilà: your next reverb effect pedal!

Effect Type: Studio-grade Reverb
Controls: Decay, Predelay, Mix, Reverb Type, A/B/C Variant, Preset Store, Bass, Treble, Modulation
Switch: bypass, preset
Connectors: 1/4" Input & Output Jack, 9v Input, stereo in/out, usb, pair